Meet ParcelAdvantage. A carrier contract analysis, negotiation, and analytics solution.

Leader in Small Parcel Contract Management

ParcelAdvantage is a “Best in Class” service, based analytics, contract analysis, and negotiation solution that helps customers ensure they are always receiving the lowest parcel shipping costs, all without having to change carriers or service levels. Our team features former carrier pricing executives and technology professionals with decades of industry experience all working together to help customers receive the lowest costs possible

Exclusively Parcel Focused

We are hyper-focused on small parcel. We have 250+ years of combined experience with the major shipping carriers within their pricing, finance, and business development functions.

Data Driven Technology

Our industry-leading proprietary technology highlights specific savings areas based on each customer's unique shipping characteristics. This technology, fueled by over $1Billion of live market data, shows the best small parcel rates in the country.

No Operational Change

Our customers save an average of 25% on shipping costs without having to change carriers or service levels. We pride ourselves in being an extension of our customer's teams, helping them see improved P&L;, improved EBIDTA, and additional savings to be allocated within their budgets.

An Extension of Your Team

Parcel Advantage has a suite of solutions that helps UPS and FedEx shippers spending $100K-$100M achieve lower costs. Our process begins with auditing your historical invoices, which includes your shipping characteristics, to power our tech-driven carrier negotiation(s). Through this analysis we are able to provide you with a Shipping Savings Guarantee, allowing you to know your savings before our partnership even begins. Once you realize your savings, we will enter into our contract compliance phase, monitoring carrier performance, accurate discounts, tier compliance and more. Parcel Advantage then provides quarterly  detailed reporting, impact reports, and analyses through our proprietary platform which is designed to maximize savings, save time, and optimize functional areas of a business.

A Value Driven Organization

Genuine Enthusiasm

Customers will feel our enthusiasm in every correspondence because we are incredibly passionate about what we do. We bring our energy and positive winning mindset to every partnership we form.


We are committed to being a loyal, dependable, and reliable partner. We believe that transparency and accountability in every aspect of our business will solidify our relationships.


We work day in and day out to find efficiencies in every aspect of our business, from our workflow to our proprietary technology. We believe that innovation is not always about creating something new, but instead about making what already exists work better.

Why Parcel Advantage?

Our proprietary cost modeling is built into an easy-to-use online platform that sets the industry standard for the small parcel market by providing advanced, enterprise-level solutions for all businesses.

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See What Our Customers are Saying

4 hours. It took less than 4 hours of my time for my company to see half a million in annual savings. No headaches, no feet-dragging negotiations, no confusing documents. It was so easy.

Todd M. Vice President, Food Manufacturer and Distributor

The insights and analytics, Parcel Advantage provided before and after negotiating our carrier agreements, make it clear we have a long-term partner who is aligned with our company values. The cost modeling and rate simulation let us know the exact savings we would see, down to the last cent. After running our historical data, Parcel Advantage was able to find us almost 28% in annual shipping savings with our same carrier.

Jonica H. Controller, Market Leading Wine Distributor

Our team managed billions of dollars of various category spend. To have Parcel Advantage guarantee a savings and then fully execute so that we’re realizing increased EBITA within 60 days allows us to focus on other strategic opportunities.

Randy H. Chief Procurement Officer, Leading Provider of Pork Products

We thought we had the best rates. We were told we had the best rates. Parcel Advantage got us better rates. They found us nearly 25% in savings and helped us renegotiate our contract with our carrier. It was just so easy.

Brad M. Chief Operations Officer, Clothing Retailer

The parcel invoice audit was a lifesaver for us. The team at Parcel Advantage monitored the weekly audit and noticed that instead of shipping air, over 60% of our packages could have traveled ground with no delay in arrival. They saved us more money than we had ever saved in our manual audit process.

Julie F. Chief Financial Officer, Industry Leading Retailer

We could not say enough good things about our relationship with Parcel Advantage. Beyond the initial savings, they continue to find us new angles for savings, set up dashboards specific to our needs, and meet with us quarterly to go through reporting/review savings/new opportunities. Parcel Advantage has been more than just a service for us, they have been a continuous partner as we navigate the difficulties of controlling our freight costs and holding the vendors accountable.

Tyler B. Vice President of Finance, Leading Global Manufacturer

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Our proprietary cost modeling is built into an easy-to-use online platform that sets the industry standard for the small parcel market by providing advanced, enterprise-level solutions for all businesses.