Work At Parcel Advantage.

We believe in a collaborative and fun work environment, powered by authenticity and reliability. When we asked our team to describe Parcel Advantage in one word, these were some of their answers.

Innovative. Family. Hustle. Determined. Collaborative. Energetic. Driven. 

A Value Driven Organization


Customers will recognize that our team is experienced in all things Parcel. Our clients are typically at a disadvantage when dealing with Parcel Carriers and the carriers take full advantage of that. We bring our experience and positive winning mindset to every partnership we form.


We are partners in every sense of the word with our clients. We are sensitive to what their concers are and work side by side to achieve their savings goals.


It is important that every Parcel Advantage employee work with integrity at all times. Its who we are and how we operate.


We are always leveraging technology, strategies, and new idea’s to maximize client savings.

Commitment to Winning

Our team has made the commitment to win for clients, no matter what. It may sound excessive but know that we put all our energy into providing our customers with best-in-class parcel data and savings opportunities. We are driven to succeed for our clients.

Job Openings

We’re looking for talented, passionate individuals who believe in seizing the opportunity and pushing the limits. At Parcel Advantage, we strive for growth and want our people to achieve wins they never thought possible.


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Our proprietary cost modeling is built into an easy-to-use online platform that sets the industry standard for the small parcel market by providing advanced, enterprise-level solutions for all businesses.